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Bug Sweeping experts: professional services and equipment

Bug Sweeping refers to the process of scanning your property for hidden spying equipment. This can be achieved by using high end bug sweeping equipment and professional job knowledge to find these devices. To properly secure your property you need a robust Bug Sweeping plan. Learn more to understand how we can help.

Why is it Important to Sweep for Bugs?

Accessibility of Bugs

Bugs are easy to access these days. They are small and cheap meaning anyone can get them and hide them around your home, car, or office. This is why you should use our bug sweeping services to ensure your property is safe from spies.

Bugging Affects Your Wellbeing

Privacy is an important human need. Without it, you will develop depression and anxiety. When someone bugs you, it can severely deteriorate your quality of life . A  bug sweep will gives you the peace of mind you deserve, knowing your privacy is guaranteed.

Bad for Your Business

If someone places monitoring devices in your business, they can know everything that goes on within your work environment. They can use information from your business to steal from you or commit fraud. This can leave your business in a vulnerable position. It can also give your competitors a significant advantage. Our bug sweeps ensure your business data is safe.

Our State-of-the-Art Bug Sweeping Equipment

Professional electronic sweeping devices

Our expert team will use high level sweeping devices to detect any hidden spying equipment. We are able to detect devices both powered on and off. We will carefully scan your property making sure we find all the hidden devices.

Specialist electrical inspection equipment

We will use specialist equipment to analyse electrical equipment and objects in your premises. This allows us to find devices hidden in complex electrical environments. 

How Our Bug Sweeping Process Works

Step 1: Find the Bug

We will conduct a thorough technical sweep on your property, including walls, ceilings, electronic appliances and more for any spy devices or rogue frequencies. We are able to carefully scan your car, home and business premises.

Step 2: Debugging Spy Devices

Our bug sweeping experts will remove the spy devices from your home or business. This ensures spies no longer have access to your valuable information. We will also report back to you with a full analysis of our findings and recommendations.

Step 3: Implement a Site Surveillance Strategy

We can install a quality surveillance system to track and detect intruders who try to gain access to your property as well as a world class access control system to help keep you safe. 

Step 4: Conduct Regular Bug Sweeps

Our team can inspect your property regularly to ensure it stays safe from bugging. By having regular sweeps you can have a true sense of security by knowing you are protected.

Hire Our Bug Sweeping Experts

Do you suspect your home or business from being bugged? IAM Secured has got you covered. We perform comprehensive bug sweeping to ensure your privacy and safety. Contact us for a consultation with one of our professionals.